More Carding Mill Progress

Posted on Nov 17, 2015
More Carding Mill Progress

2015 was a big year for the carding mill:

In the spring, loads of fill and boulders were delivered by Bobby Senter of Razor Hill Excavation. This enabled access to the main floor of the mill building, which had previously been separated from the road by a deep gully. We then regraded the land on the southern side to increase accessibility for vehicles and workers during upcoming timber framing.

The mill's newly accessible front entrance.

The mill’s newly accessible front entrance.

In the summer, the retaining walls for the new site work were finished, grass seed was planted, and an interpretive sign was made for the facade. We were also fortunate to have local contractor and volunteer extraordinaire, Ken Anderson, install a ridge cap and replace a missing metal roof sheet. We’re thankful he finished in one piece! The building is now water-tight(ish) thanks to Ken’s brio.

Ken Anderson installs the ridge cap.

Ken Anderson installs the ridge cap.

Andrew Cushing, our summer intern from the University of Pennsylvania, also produced measured drawings of the carding mill’s frame. This will help in preparing documentation of the building, which we hope to use for further grant writing and preservation guidance.


The mill's western elevation (seen from Mill Brook)

The mill’s western elevation (seen from Mill Brook)

In the fall, the fourth annual Race to Save the Mill succeeded in drawing a runner from every corner of New England. We had more runners than ever before, and most of them were returners. We continue to thank our volunteers and sponsors who make the race possible.

Also in the fall, member Bruce Sunnerberg and Ken Anderson stabilized the mill further by installing turnbuckles on the ground floor. This temporary solution will secure the building for 2016’s timber framing replacement, which has been delayed by a few years of careful thought on how best to safely replace the rotted posts and beams.

Interested in the mill’s restoration? Contact us to get involved! We are always looking for skilled craftsmen and craftswomen, good cooks, muscle, or donors.

2015's Race to Save the Mill participants

2015’s Race to Save the Mill participants

2015 poster